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by Samantha James

My massage style combines all of my skills and learning, providing a unique treatment tailored to your individual needs. I use both an empathetic and intuitive approach as well as thorough structural assessment tools.

Each massage will be different depending on the ever-changing needs of your body and each session incorporates nurturing deep tissue work that treats structural issues and muscle tension. I use many techniques such as fascial release, soft tissue release, lymphatic drainage and stimulation, joint mobilisations as well as working with the nervous system and acupressure points to enable positive change in both body tension and emotional well-being.

About Sam

Samantha has worked in the Health and Social Care sector and has been a tutor for alternative education for a combined 18 years.

She has been practising bodywork for eight years both privately and within local clinics. She has passionately trained in many modalities of bodywork and complementary therapies She believes Bowen, Manual Therapy and Massage are powerful and profound therapies which can assist not only physical rehabilitation but also energetic and emotional recovery. Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s ever-changing needs.

Bodywork is her passion: helping people with pain, postural dysfunction, injuries and muscle tension, whether this is caused by physical or emotional trauma, or repetitive activities.

Alongside an in-depth structural assessment, she uses a variety of manual therapy techniques including: Sports Therapy techniques, Fascial release, Dry needling, mobilisations, acupressure, lymphatic stimulation and nervous system questioning as well as a variety of massage techniques from around the world.

Working from her studio in Braunton, set in a relaxed environment, Sam starts with a thorough holistic and structural assessment to achieve positive outcomes with each individual, alongside a home care package and treatment plan for maximum results.

Samantha James

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