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by Samantha James

I worked in the Health and Social Care sector with adults with mental health issues and complex needs and have been a tutor for alternative education for a combined 18 years.

I have been practicing Sports and Bodywork for eight years both privately and within local clinics. I have passionately trained in many modalities of Bodywork, Sports, and Complementary Therapies. I believe Bowen, Manual Therapy, and Massage are powerful and profound therapies that can assist not only physical rehabilitation but also energetic and emotional recovery. Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s ever-changing needs.

Bodywork is my passion: helping people with chronic pain, postural dysfunction, compensation patterns, injuries, and musculoskeletal pain. Whether this is caused by physical/emotional trauma or repetitive activities. I recently completed a L5 Clinical and Sports Therapy Diploma and a year of Sports Science, training as a fitness instructor and PT at Marjon University. I have now transferred to Health and Well-being to study nutrition for general health, physiology, psychotherapy, exercise prescription for adults with health conditions, Sociology and "The advanced lifestyle practitioner module", as the degree is better suited to the client group I enjoy working with. .

I work with chronic pain, postural dysfunction, palliative and cancer massage, health ailments of all kinds, and emotional health. I start with a thorough holistic and structural assessment to achieve positive outcomes and when needed prescribe home exercises, helping clients reach their goals and keeping them at the center of each treatment. please note, if you have an injury please seek advice from your doctor before seeing me and I advise either coming in for Bowen Therapy which is effective for many injuries and chronic conditions, or seeing a Physiotherapist and then seeing me for soft tissue work in conjunction.

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About Sam

I am a Mum of four children, I feel very blessed to be living in beautiful North Devon. When I'm not studying I enjoy all outdoor sports with my family.

My massage style combines all of my skills and learning, providing a unique treatment tailored to your individual needs. I use both an empathetic and intuitive approach as well as assessment tools on and off the couch. I can use a variety of manual therapy techniques including Sports Therapy Techniques, Fascial work, Dry Needling, Myofascial Cupping, Mobilisations, Acupressure, Lymphatic work, and Nervous system questioning, as well as a variety of Massage techniques from around the world. This year I am looking forward to doing workshops for more lymphatic work and simply Vagus, to support people's health. As well as continuing to learn about nutrition, psychotherapy, exercise prescription, and lifestyle coaching at Uni.

I work from my studio in Braunton, which is set in a relaxed environment, where you can hear the birds singing in our private garden. There is also convenient parking onsite.

Samantha James

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