Sports and Clinical Therapy

Sports Massage was my foundational training for Anatomy and Physiology. I completed my first ITEC course 8 years ago. I love the variety and the opportunity to problem solve structural issues. I have continued to train in Level 4 and 5 Sports and Clinical Therapy. I use many techniques such as Soft Tissue Release, Melt Methods, Trigger Point Work, Joint Mobilisations, PNF Stretching, Muscle Energy Techniques, Dry Needling / Dry Cupping, and Lymph Work.

Sports (Clinical, Soft Tissue) massage is a preventative and maintenance treatment, effective in supporting you through sporting commitments as well as posture and activity pain experienced due to your working positions.

We will work together to find solutions to pain caused by overuse from sporting activities or the working environment. Working in partnership we can make a plan to adapt and change lifestyle choices for positive change.

Sports, clinical and soft tissue massage is used for muscle injuries, pain, posture RSI, and sportsmen and women. Working to stimulate and support soft tissue damage, rehydrate and support the removal of exercise/ activity byproducts.

Sports massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue and is aimed at clients who are suffering from chronic aches and pains. This treatment will work mainly on the affected area until the pain has eased, however, a whole-body approach is used.

If you have an injury, please see your doctor or a Physio before booking in. Sports(soft tissue) massage works well in conjunction with chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment to loosen soft tissue and reduce compensation patterns. 


Since going to Sam a few months ago after (unknowingly) partially dislocating my shoulder in a cycling accident I am transformed. I had just 2 massages from Sam (following one session with local physio Lucy Tighe who is also amazing) and I cannot believe the difference – I’ve gone from not being able to sleep due to the pain to pretty much be back to normal.

My husband is a builder and keen surfer and paddleboarder and recently underwent a hip replacement at a fairly young age. He had regular massages before and after surgery and (coupled with great physio from Lucy Tighe) thanks to Sam’s amazing massages was back on the water after 8 weeks and is feeling brilliant. After his first massage with Sam, he said to me “I finally get it now – I have never had a proper massage before” (having had over 10 with various therapists).Verity Munden

As an osteopath, massage therapist, and athlete, I am very fussy when it comes to people working on my body! Sam spent an hour and a half working on my back, shoulders, neck, and legs... she could feel exactly what was going on and has an extensive range of techniques to release all the problem areas... I will be going back for more! Josie Dade

Whether it's for sports recovery, injury rehab, or just relaxation, Samantha is fantastic. Her massages always feel personalized, intuitive, and full of good energy. I've been recommending her to everyone I know! Fred stone

Just had my 2nd neck, shoulder, and back massage, with Samantha "magic hands" James. I went to see Sam hands-on because I had pain in my left shoulder and neck, I could barely lift my arm to shoulder level, let alone above my head.

The first massage was admittedly pain full, but within a couple of days of the massage I had full movement back and my pain score had decreased from an 8 to a 2. Today, a week later I've had a second massage. My neck and shoulder feel great, this massage wasn't painful, and my pain level is 0…

Sam is brilliant…" Lyne Ackland

Samantha is an absolute miracle worker and has worked wonders with her Bowen and deep tissue massage work. As an athlete, this is my go-to place and Sam is part of my regular Regime to allow me to perform at my very best. Nicki Carter