Signature Bodywork

I have spent the past 8 years learning many modalities of bodywork as well as teaching and assessing massage. I am a massage research addict and find the human body both fascinating and incredible. I believe massage is a powerful and profound therapy that can assist not only physical rehabilitation but also energetic and emotional recovery.

My massage style is a combination of all my skills and learning combined to give you a unique treatment that suits your individual needs. I use both an empathetic and intuitive approach as well as thorough structural assessment tools.

Each massage will be different depending on the ever-changing needs of your body and each session will be a combination of nurturing deep tissue work that treats structural issues and muscle tension. I use many techniques such as fascial release, soft tissue release, and lymphatic stimulation, joint mobilisations, as well as working with the nervous system and acupressure points to enable positive change in both body tension, symmetry, and emotional well-being.


Sam's massage treatments have worked wonders for me. I own a horse, competing regularly at high-level Dressage as well as working full time in an office, so the day-to-day stresses and strains on my body eventually take their toll! Sam's treatments never feel rushed and I can really feel the long-term benefits after each appointment. I would thoroughly recommend it! Emily Davison

Sam's kind, sympathetic nature is almost as healing as her hands! I'm sure I'm a 'Pain in the Neck', but since meeting her I can now look left and right! Something I haven't been able to do for years! She's now known as my new best friend! Jane Brend

Sam tailor makes the massage to your needs and each time I have been I come out being able to move better, feeling less stressed, and with a better and clearer train of thought. What an amazing and talented lady, a very caring person.Sally Baker

Sam is so skilled and talented in her field; I highly recommend her. She is so thorough, and you just know how much good she is doing! I do not hesitate to recommend Sam! Thank you.Hannah Burge