Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is both an exciting and special time and the body adapts wonderfully to the increasing demands of your growing baby.

This bespoke treatment using 100% safe essential oils specially chosen for pregnancy, will adapt to your ever-changing needs. You can choose whether you wish to be pampered or need relief from the aches and pains of carrying your precious bump.

As a Mum of four children, I remember well the rollercoaster of both the emotional and physical journey of pregnancy.  Every mother experiences pregnancies uniquely and no pregnancy is the same. 

Massage is so important for both the duration and postpartum. When we give so much of ourselves to nurture a baby, it is fundamental to receive care and nurture for ourselves. 

Both ligament relaxants and the enormity of the growth and preparation/repair can take around two years to fully heal and recover.  Massage can help support physiologically and emotionally throughout, allowing you to be in the best physical and mental condition to nurture your baby.