Lymphatic Bodywork

Lymphatic treatments available:

Lymphatic Bowen

Lymphatic cupping

Lymphatic bodywork


The lymphatic system has a huge role in your immunity, digestion, circulatory system, cognitive function, thyroid, kidneys, heart, bladder, and Liver function.

When it is not functioning well, you may feel sluggish, foggy, experience re-occurring infections, allergies, and sinus problems amongst other issues.

Until recently, the lymphatic system has been overlooked in the health field and only addressed when visible Oedema was present. recently there has been a surge in research into this system which has been found to be the cause of many issues when not working as it should be.

This incredibly important and interconnected system works hard to keep up with the demands modern life places on it. With regular treatment support and some simple lifestyle changes, you can restore optimum health.

Signs of a compromised lymphatic system:

Swollen glands
Puffiness in the eyes or face
Swelling in the fingers or ankles
Bloating or holding onto water
Sinus infections
Skin issues, such as dry or itchy skin
Soreness or stiffness upon waking
"Unexplained" aches and pains
Weight gain and extra belly fat
Breast swelling or tenderness
A sense of fogginess in the brain
Worsened allergies
Food sensitivities