Bowen Treatment

My Bowen clients have reported significant improvements with sleep problems, menopause symptoms, chronic back problems, irritable bowel, asthma as well as improved performance from sporting clients.

Bowen is an overall body balancer for physiological wellbeing (hormones, lymphatics, musculoskeletal, nervous system....), as well as emotional wellbeing.

Its gentle and calming moves evoke relaxation which has an effect on the tension of the whole body. It can regulate hormones, sleep patterns, and mood swings.

Based on the information you have provided and a postural assessment the gentle rolling movements gives information to precise areas of your body so that the receptors in the muscle and tendons via the nervous system can decide whether the muscle is holding too much or too little tension, is it hypotonic or atrophied? Does it need to let go of an old pain cycle?

Pain can occur when the nervous system panics and feels that you are in danger, and either stops movement or changes the movement pattern using other muscles (dysfunctional movement patterns). Pain is a big subject currently being researched. Where you feel the pain isn’t necessarily where the problem is. Bowen works well as it gives information and resets the nervous system for the body to correct issues throughout the entire matrix.

Bowen is used to restore your natural postural function, asymmetry, and balance as well as calming all body systems and supporting kidney, respiratory, lymphatic, and circulatory functions for optimum health.

This gentle treatment is done through loose comfortable clothing and is safe for babies, the elderly, pregnancy, and all disabilities/health issues.

Bowen has had recorded success for a huge variety of health conditions including:

The Breaks

Bowen is different from other therapies as we have 2-5 minutes breaks between areas worked. This is so that the body can use the information given to make changes. When a muscle is overworked via manual manipulation techniques – research has shown that the receptors within muscles, tendons become confused and shut down. Bowen allows breaks so that the body can go into introspection in order to make the required changes. This is what makes Bowen so profound and the results can be immediate or progressive over the course of a few days.



I love Sam's therapies. I've recently been having the Bowen technique which I've found to have a great effect on my shoulder trouble. I'm also very aware of energy moving and shifting around my body which I love as it brings me into an awareness of the moment. I often feel shifts continuing to happen overnight and sleep really well too. Sam is knowledgeable, friendly and makes me feel at ease, a therapist I totally trust. Karen Vogelin

I take my 14-year-old daughter to see Sam for Bowen treatment and she always comes out feeling refreshed and ‘sorted’ .. in her words. Sam has a wonderful, calm, friendly, and professional approach to her work. She assesses her thoroughly and works in a diligent and caring manner. I would 100% recommend her. Karen Mottram

I have received a few Bowen treatments from Sam and it has helped me so much with the recovery from my hip operation. Bowen has helped with adjusting my posture before, during, and after the operation. I highly recommend this treatment, if you have never had it before, it is definitely worth a try; and Sam is a fantastic therapist, both knowledgeable & nurturing. Karen Ashton